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Post by Phantom on Sat Jan 25, 2014 5:41 pm

Name: Alex Salazar

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 16 years

Rank: Leader?

Mate/wife: N/A

Father - Raphael Salazar (deceased)
Mother - Violeta Salazar (deceased)

Kids/hatchlings/chicks: N/A

Description: A Latin-American teenager with long, spiky black hair and dark brown eyes. She usually wears a pair of jeans, a hoodie, and a pair of Nikes
Alex the Human Goggle_girl_character_profile

Personality: She has a sarcastic and smart sense of humor, and a laid-back demeanor. She can also be very strong-minded and equally stubborn, and loves adventure, and she claims that "danger is my middle name."

Weaknesses: She's stubborn and arrogant, and likes to make her own decisions, without anybody bossing her around. She's sometimes short-tempered, and gets angry at anybody that's in her path, making her reckless, and most of the time ends up injuring herself instead of others. Also, when she uses her powers too much, she'll lose her powers for about a few hours, before she gets enough energy to regain them.

Strengths: She has great combat skills which are her own, having being trained by herself for many years. She possesses great acrobatic skills, alongside astonishingly lightning fast reflexes and agility.

Special Powers: She has the ability to use elemental powers, transforming her hands into the shape of claws.
Stone Claws - the element of Earth. When she uses these, her hands turn into stone claws she gains enhanced strength and the ability to make stone barricades by pressing her claws to the ground.

Magma Claws - the element of Fire. Because they're literally made of lava, she can make precise cuts through objects, without the whole thing catching on fire. She can also make a ring of fire around her enemy when pressing her claws to the ground.

Static Claws - the element of Lightning. They're made of pure electricity, and Alex can absorb any type of electricity, and can power objects with it, or just store it in her claws. She can also shock her opponents if she puts her claws on the ground, because the electricity will travel across the ground, shocking whoever's standing on Earth.

Ice Claws - the element of Ice. These are her main claws, and they're made of pure ice, with jagged edges. These jagged edges allow her to climb walls, or cliffs, or basically anything. They're also very painful, because when you get clawed by them, it feels like you're being clawed four times by a dragon instead of one. She can also freeze her enemy's legs to the ground, keeping them from moving, by (again) placing the Ice Claws on the ground

Shadow Claws - the element of Darkness. When she uses these claws, they become pure darkness, a shadow. They can stretch a long distance to grab people, and can grow to an abnormal size, to grab huge opponents. They can also phase through the walls, so she could reach into a bank vault if she wanted.

History: Later

Other: Carries twin sai and has a hover board that can either go high into the air, or stay on the ground and hover above it a few inches, and the hover board can also into a motorcycle

Hover Board form:
Alex the Human Hoverboard4

Motorcycle form:
Alex the Human Bako-e-tx-urban-future-bike-01

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Alex the Human Empty Re: Alex the Human

Post by Shine on Sat Jan 25, 2014 5:48 pm

Sweet! I like it. I would love to see her up against Lilen. :3 Lilen has Ice powers(on account of being half snow leopard) so this would be interesting. :}

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