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Post by Shine on Fri Jan 24, 2014 7:29 pm

Here’s the back-story, why everybody is at war, why the war started, etc.

“My baby! Someone stole my baby!” Humans swarmed around the house, trying to comfort the distraught mother.
“Shh…Maurice, please. You’ll wake the other children.” Sam comforted his sobbing wife, holding her close. “We’ll find him. I-“ He broke off as another shout sounded from outside. He poked his head out the door, gun in hand, as the shout sounded again.
“It’s a dragon! A dragon has the baby!” The watchmen shouted from his tower, pointing to a dragon whose eyes flashed back towards the village, lightning illuminated the crying baby in its jaws. Villagers swarmed after the dragon as it raced into the forest. They searched for hours as the baby’s screams echoed around. No one could pinpoint the exact location.
The screams abruptly stopped. Sam clapped hand to his open mouth, holding back tears. The baby was dead.

“Hey! You!” A griffin turned around, a dead fish hanging out of its jaws. A phoenix flapped towards it, flaming wings dancing in the sun. “That’s stolen prey!” it hissed, its yellow eyes glaring. The griffin hastily swallowed, taking off and fleeing. The phoenix gave chase, its cry sounding to others. They soon swarmed, a flock of red flames following the lone griffin. A cocky smile made its way onto the griffin’s face as a large pack of griffins swarmed in front of him. He turned around at its head.
The flaming birds paused, uncertain. The griffins were double their force; easily. “Not so confident now.” The griffin hissed. It must have been a signal, as the pack around him surged forward, taking out the phoenixes easily. Feathers ceased to burn as the flames inside that kept them going died.

Many more attacks and raids such as this happened, between all races in Auginia(aw-gin-ee-uh). Each growing more hatred for the other as time went on. War finally broke out, between all races. A shapeless figure watched from a mountain top. His face the only features distinguishable. Razor-sharp teeth gleamed through the dark mist that was its body. “At last. All the races shall pay for my humiliation.” His red eyes gleamed from black pits. “It matters not who wins the war. All races shall be so badly weakened, it will take very little to wipe them off the face of Auginia.” A sharp cackle came from his open mouth, a demonic smile plastered across it. He laughed for a long while, the wind whipping the laugh to shreds, it died within 100 feet.

Muehehe. If you didn’t get it, the shapeless thing is the mastermind. He’s a shape shifter. He started the war. Hope it helps.
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