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Post by Shadow on Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:01 pm

Username: Shadow Wolf
Real age: 13
Why should you be a mod? I feel like taking responsibility
Will you be active? Yes, everyday
What would you contribute by being a mod? Being active and following the rules, no letting things slide secretly when an Admin is not around, helping people out
What does being a mod mean to you? Keeping others safe, keeping things under control, and helping people out
RP sample: Staying low, Shadow moved his legs in position of assault. With the caribou's back toward Shadow, he lunged straight at it a few feet off the ground, as silent as an owl. Shadow bore his teeth into the caribou's shoulders, his claws gripping its sides and tearing away at its flesh. The caribou started grunting in pain, kicking and jumping every which way. Shadow moved his way up to its neck, careful not to fall off. Biting down onto its neck, the caribou fell and lay choking on the ground.

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Post by Mizuki on Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:25 pm

Username: Mizuki
Real age: 12
Why do you want to become a mod: I wish to help people here. I want to protect people. I just wish to make people happy.
Will you active?: yes, every single day unless an extreame emergency.
What do you contribute by being a mod?: I will fallow the rules and make sure things are good. To keep things straight.
What does being a mod mean to you?:It means helping other people and making sure that they are happy and safe. it is a main goal to keep a website appropriate and safe. To make it a better place.
RP sample: Mizuki dived into the lake and stayed under the water for a while. She then finally arose with a green frog in her mouth. "I think I got something!!" She yelled to Shadow(Sorry , I couldn't remember any other names). She then ruffled her feathers in a attempt to dry herself off. she then looked up at him.

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