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Post by Shine on Fri Jan 24, 2014 7:45 pm

Here are the species profiles for all of the main species on here, they are the only ones with organized groups and rankings. Any other species is allowed, but they would have to be loners, or win the trust of a specific group. You are not automatically accepted if you are not part of the main species.

Dragons are a hearty species, and the longest lived of them all; aside from the phoenix. They have incredible powers, fire breath, flight, strength, and nearly-impenetrable scale armor. They are the most aggressive of the species, eagerly jumping into battle. Despite this, they are very loyal and companionate to others of their species.
Strengths: Firebreath; nearly impenetrable scales; flight; loyalty and compassionate to others of their kind; incredible strength
Weaknesses: Unprotected wings, eyes, mouth, nostrils; stunned by bright, flashing lights; incredibly aggressive, headstrong; electricity hits them hard

Griffins are incredibly loyal and brave, often with silent flight and incredible eyesight. They are one of the less aggressive species, preferring to talk tact. Though they rarely jump into battle without thinking it through, they are extremely powerful fights, with lean, strong bodies, claws, and wings, they are powerful fighters.
Strengths: Flight, claws, sharp beak, loyalty to others of their ind, tactful thinkers, stealthy, amazing eyesight, overall powerful fighters
Weaknesses: Fires, sometimes spend too much time talking tact, stick too close to the plan sometimes, no armor, unless made of scavenged.

The phoenix. Fire bird. They are extremely territorial and aggressive(not as aggressive as dragons). Despite this, they are very together, not straying far from another of their species for a long time without reason. They are the longest lived of all the main species, and are often considered the wisest of the main species. They are covered in flames, making them not very stealthy. The fuel for their flames comes from inside, when killed, a phoenix may continue to burn for some time, until the fuel runs out.
Strengths: Super hot fire, fight in groups(flocks), wise, territorial, aggressive, unable to touch them: they are on fire
Weaknesses: water, not powerful close-combat fighters, territorial, aggressive, not stealthy

Humans are by far the most advanced and possibly the smartest of the main species. They have extremely advanced weapons(imagine 100+ years in the future) and armor. They are very smart and strategical, though they can lack any true strength in battle.
Strengths: Advanced weapons, advanced armor, strategical, compassionate for other humans, don't give ground easily
Weaknesses: Lack true strength against other races, most elements, size, compassionate for other humans

These are all very generic, so you don't have to follow all the "rules." These are generalizations, so feel free to go completely against these. Also, you appearance is totally unrelated. As long as we can tell what species you are (and it's appropriate) feel free to look that way.
I might add more if there are enough of a species not listed here.
Feel free to ask any questions! There are no stupid questions here!

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