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Character Creation Sheet Empty Character Creation Sheet

Post by Shine on Fri Jan 24, 2014 8:02 pm

Here's the creation sheet, please follow it as best you can. If a field does not apply to you, leave it blank or put "N/A" don't just delete it.

[b]Special Powers:[/b]

Name: Your name
Gender: Male or female?
Species: What species (any listed or not listed)
Age: How old are you?
Rank: Any open rank from the rank list (need to apply for higher ranks)
Mate/wife: Do you have a wife/mate? (has to be a member of the forum or dead)
Family: Do you have any family? (can be another member on the forum)
Kids/hatchlings/chicks: Any kids/chicks/hatchlings? (can be another member of the forum)
Description: What do you look like? (picture or detailed description)
Personality: What are your traits?
Weaknesses: What hits you hardest? (list at least 3)
Strengths: What are you best at? (List at least 3)
Special Powers: Do you have a power that is not common among your species? (not overpowered)
History: What is your past like?
Other: Any other information you deem important

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