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Lilen the Snowy Griffin Empty Lilen the Snowy Griffin

Post by Shine on Fri Jan 24, 2014 9:23 pm

Name: Lilen
Gender: Female
Species: Griffin
Age: 35 in human years
Rank: Leader
Mate/wife or husband: Nope
Family: Father was killed in battle, mother disappeared shortly afterwards.
Kids/hatchlings/chicks: none
Description: She is a snow leopard griffin, and rather small for her kind. She icy blue eyes and she is white with black & light blue spots.
[img]Lilen the Snowy Griffin Griffi10[/img]
Personality: She is fun-loving and compassionate. She considers herself to be funny, and she can easily switch between war and having fun. She is sensible and level-headed. She is often in the middle of her charge, fighting like the front-ranks, but staying in the middle, to give others courage and keep herself hidden. She is kind to her pack, and will never consider helping another griffin to low for her. She doesn't have a large ego, and isn't demanding. She would die for a pack member any day, and stays hidden in the middle only to keep her identity secret.
Weaknesses: She cares for her pack, fire, her size
Strengths: She is an incredible leader, her size makes her good at sneaking around, she is an amazing close-combat fighter
Special Powers: She has complete control over ice. This comes from her snow leopard heritage as a side effect. She can freeze an opponent, move the ice and snow around her, create new ice and snow, and sculpt it into any shape with ease. It is easily thwarted by fire, though.
History: She had a good childhood, she was an only child, and one of the few griffin cubs to survive. She was treated like royalty, and discovered her ice powers around her toddler years. In her teens, her father was killed in battle, breaking her heart. Her mother disappeared less than a year later. Since her parent's deaths/disappearances, she has healed her broken heart and became far more compassionate than she used to be. She became a leader by example, and quickly rose up through the ranks until the former leader was killed in battle. She easily took his place, and has been an amazing leader since.
Other: Nothing really.

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