Heather, the Blue Phoenix

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Heather, the Blue Phoenix Empty Heather, the Blue Phoenix

Post by Shine on Sun Feb 02, 2014 3:20 pm

Name: Heather
Gender: Female
Species: Phoenix
Age: Young adult
Rank: Spy
Mate/wife: N/A
Family: Dead
Kids/hatchlings/chicks: N/A
Description: She is rather small, no, very small, and has very long feathers. She very pretty, and her blue color makes her stand out.
[img]Heather, the Blue Phoenix Blue_p10[/img]
Personality:] Honest, up front, tom-boy-ish, sarcastic, snaps quite a bit, loyal
Weaknesses: Water, open combat, she is very small
Strengths: Small, very hot fire, loyal
Special Powers: she can put out the fire that runs along her wings, reducing the glow
History: She was born an oddball, her egg was deep blue instead of bright red, like it should have been. Her parents abandoned her because of this, so she never knew them. The healer took her in, and he kept her well fed. He taught her how to dim the fire on her feathers, saying her blue coloring was a gift, not curse. It made her less visible, even when she was letting the fire burn.
Other:She is very caring, despite her outwards nature.

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